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The fiber laser

Laser włóknowyThe fiber laser consists of laser diodes and optical fibers. The core or laser nucleus of which is enriched (doped) with a laser-active medium. This “laser core” is surrounded by the “pump coat,” into which the light from the laser diode is radiated from one end. Multiple reflection on the outer edge of the pump coat causes the pump light to be sent through the laser core repeatedly where the laser-active medium is located, stimulated, and emits laser radiation. Special plugs at the fiber ends serve as the “end mirror” of the fiber resonator. They prevent the generated laser light from radiating back into the pump diode and allow part of the laser radiation to leave the resonator.


Therefore, the fiber serves as a resonator for beam generation and beam amplification and, at the same time, as a beam delivery system. Individual fibers generate laser beam powers of up to 500 W with good beam quality and high effectiveness, consequently cooling demands are less strong and water cooling often unnecessary. Higher laser beam powers are achieved by bundling the fibers, in which case, though, beam quality suffers.

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